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Andrew minkymorgan

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Last active Jun 1, 2021
Deap Pretty Node Plot Example Code Example (Need to bring your own deap Individuals in)
# Derek M. Tishler
# nx plot example deap individual
# For post:
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import networkx as nx
from networkx.drawing.nx_agraph import graphviz_layout
## May need is resuming session
#from deap import creator
georgeblck / batch-lstm.R
Created Feb 14, 2017
An efficient, batched LSTM in R
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### This is a batched LSTM forward and backward pass. Written by Andrej Karpathy (@karpathy)
### BSD License
### Re-written in R by @georgeblck
LSTM.init <- function(input_size, hidden_size, fancy_forget_bias_init = 3){
# Initialize parameters of the LSTM (both weights and biases in one matrix)
from __future__ import print_function
import numpy as np
from keras.callbacks import Callback
from keras.layers import Dense
from keras.layers import LSTM
from keras.models import Sequential
from numpy.random import choice
from utils import prepare_sequences
Kaixhin / timeseries.lua
Created Jul 24, 2016
Predicting a time series with Element-Research Torch RNN
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-- Element-Research Torch RNN Tutorial for recurrent neural nets : let's predict time series with a laptop GPU
-- Part 1
require 'rnn'
alexey-milovidov / nested.txt
Created Jun 17, 2016
Example of Nested data type in ClickHouse.
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:) CREATE TABLE test.nested (EventDate Date, UserID UInt64, Attrs Nested(Key String, Value String)) ENGINE = MergeTree(EventDate, UserID, 8192)
CREATE TABLE test.nested
EventDate Date,
UserID UInt64,
Attrs Nested(
Key String,
Value String)
) ENGINE = MergeTree(EventDate, UserID, 8192)
granturing / reactive_map.js
Last active Jan 31, 2021
Sample reactive Leaflet code for Zeppelin
View reactive_map.js
<!-- place this in an %angular paragraph -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
<div id="map" style="height: 800px; width: 100%"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
function initMap() {
var map ='map').setView([30.00, -30.00], 3);
L.tileLayer('http://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png', {
ScottEvil / GeoMesa_Install_Notes
Created Jul 20, 2015
Notes from installing GeoMesa on GeoServer and Hortonworks Sandbox
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Installing GeoMesa on GeoServer
- Downloaded geoserver 2.5.2 war wget
- and the corresponding WPS plugin wget
- Deployed war file to Tomcat_HOME/webapps folder and then copied WPS plugin jars over to WEB-INF/lib and checked to ensure permissions were good
- Download Accumulo 1.5.3 :: wget
- Download Scala 2.10 :: wget
- Download Kafka 2.10- (Kafka 0.8 install that corresponds to scala 2.10)
- Download Hadoop wget
Unzip each of the downloads
karpathy / gist:7bae8033dcf5ca2630ba
Created May 5, 2015
Efficient LSTM cell in Torch
View gist:7bae8033dcf5ca2630ba
Efficient LSTM in Torch using nngraph library. This code was optimized
by Justin Johnson (@jcjohnson) based on the trick of batching up the
LSTM GEMMs, as also seen in my efficient Python LSTM gist.
function LSTM.fast_lstm(input_size, rnn_size)
local x = nn.Identity()()
local prev_c = nn.Identity()()
local prev_h = nn.Identity()()
nagadomi / csv.lua
Last active Apr 28, 2020
csvigo example
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-- sudo luarocks install csvigo
-- でインストールしておく
require 'csvigo'
--[[ test.csv

Useful Pandas Snippets

A personal diary of DataFrame munging over the years.

Data Types and Conversion

Convert Series datatype to numeric (will error if column has non-numeric values)
(h/t @makmanalp)