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class SmartcardHelper(BrowserView):
Helper view for dealing with smartcard loggeable users.
- Define helper links and conditions to be used in portal_actions via actions.xml
- Define methods for setting priviledged user cookie after smartcard login
- Extract smartcard info from Apache enabled client side SSL headers
- Define various conditions to check whether the user can use smartcard or not
def calculatePriviledgedCookieValue(self):
m = hashlib.sha1()
return m.hexdigest()
def enablePriviledgedCookie(self):
Set the user cookie which is used in private data checks.
value = self.calculatePriviledgedCookieValue()
self.request.response.setCookie(self.PRIVILEDGED_COOKIE_NAME, value)
def clearPriviledgedCookie(self):
Clear priviledged login status.
def hasPriviledge(self):
Check if the user has priviledged login status.
1. Hospital has smartcard enabled
2. User has smartcard enabled
3. Cookie is set and correct
# Not yet activated?
user = self.getUser()
hospital = self.getHomeHospital()
if not hospital:
return False
if not hospital.getSmartcardEnabled():
# Hospital does not support
return False
if not user.hasSmartcardEnabled():
return False
cookie = self.request.cookies.get(self.PRIVILEDGED_COOKIE_NAME, None)
if not cookie:
return False
return cookie == self.calculatePriviledgedCookieValue()
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