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Last active Feb 13, 2016
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Make a mosaic art randomly with your favorite colour. (Only work on Python3)
outname = 'out.png'
import struct
import binascii
import zlib
from math import ceil
import codecs
import random
from functools import reduce
size_x = 15
size_y = 15
pixcel = 25
colour = input('base colour: ')
#allow +-3
#must be even
random_range = 100
#colour decode
colour_rgb = [int(colour[i*2:i*2+2], 16) for i in range(3)]
def changerate(ratio):
new_ratio = ratio + random.randint(0, random_range)-int(random_range/2)
if new_ratio >= 255:
return 255
elif new_ratio <= 0:
return 0
return new_ratio
def twodigits_hex(num):
hexized = hex(num)[2:]
if len(hexized)==1:
return '0'+hexized
return hexized
def newrgb():
return [twodigits_hex(ratio) for ratio in map(changerate, colour_rgb)]
IMAGE = reduce(lambda x,y:x+y ,[[''.join([''.join(newrgb())*pixcel for j in range(size_x)])]*pixcel for k in range(size_y)])
def crcMaker(data):
return binascii.crc32(data)
def chunkMaker(name, chunkData):
CRC = crcMaker(name + chunkData)
body_len = len(chunkData)
chunk = struct.pack('> I 4s {}s I'.format(body_len),
body_len, name, chunkData, CRC)
return chunk
def hexize(data):
return codecs.decode(data,'hex')
data = bytes()
data += bytes((0x89, 0x50, 0x4E, 0x47, 0x0D, 0x0A, 0x1A, 0x0A))
width = len(IMAGE[0])//6
height = len(IMAGE)
depth = 8
colourType = 2
compress = 0
filterType = 0
adam7 = False
chunkData = struct.pack('> I I B B B B ?',
width, height, depth, colourType, compress, filterType, adam7)
data += chunkMaker(b'IHDR', chunkData)
filteredImage = bytes()
filterMode = b'\x00'
inputLine = b''.join([filterMode+hexize(l) for l in IMAGE])
chunkData = zlib.compress(inputLine)
data += chunkMaker(b'IDAT', chunkData)
data += chunkMaker(b'IEND', b'')
with open(outname, 'wb') as f:
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