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add and remove pip install/uninstall from requirements.txt automatically
# add pip install/uninstall to requirements.txt automatically
pipr() {
if [ "$1" == "install" ]; then
pip $1 $2
pip freeze | grep -i $2 >> requirements.txt
echo ok, added $2 as:
tail -n1 requirements.txt
if [ "$1" == "uninstall" ]; then
echo y | pip $1 $2 >> .pipremoved
grep -i "successfully uninstalled" .pipremoved | grep -o -i $2 >> requirements.removed
cp requirements.txt requirements.bak
tail -n1 requirements.removed | xargs -I{} grep -v {} requirements.bak > requirements.txt
echo ok, removed:
tail -n1 requirements.removed
rm .pipremoved >/dev/nul

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miraculixx commented Jul 12, 2014


# install some-package
$ pipr install some-package
$ cat requirements.txt

# remove some-package
$ pipr uninstall somepackage
$ cat requirements.txt

so you don't have to manually manage requirements.txt. You could use pip freeze > requirements.txt but this generates a lot of clutter: pip freeze does not take into account dependencies, and so once you install more than a couple of packages, your requirements.txt becomes cluttered. pipr only adds what you actually installed.

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