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This is a gradle task to generate the public.xml file in an Android library project. It assumes all public resources are kept in a res-public/ resource source directory. Providing this as a starting point, but there may be more efficient ways.
import groovy.xml.MarkupBuilder
// Task to generate our public.xml file
// See
// We assume resources within res-public are public
task generatepublicxml {
def resDir = project.projectDir.absolutePath + "/src/main/res-public"
// Include the desired res types
// Note: we don't need the qualified resource directories,
// since those resources will already be defined in the unqualified directories
def tree = fileTree(dir: resDir,
includes: ['**/anim/*.xml',
exclude: '**/public.xml'
// Create new public.xml with writer
new File(resDir + "/values/public.xml").withWriter { writer ->
// Create MarkupBuilder with 4 space indent
def destXml = new MarkupBuilder(new IndentPrinter(writer, " ", true));
def destXmlMkp = destXml.getMkp();
// GIST NOTE: our project needed the ResourceName suppression, but its not needed in general
'xmlns:tools': '',
'tools:ignore': 'ResourceName'
) {
// Leave file comment
destXmlMkp.yield "\r\n"
destXmlMkp.comment("AUTO-GENERATED FILE. DO NOT MODIFY. public.xml is generated by the generatepublicxml gradle task")
tree.each { resFile ->
// use the directory name to get the type
def type = resFile.getParentFile().getName()
if (type == "values") {
// Resource files under values. Parse the file, and pull out the resource definitions
def parsePublicResources = new XmlParser().parse(resFile)
parsePublicResources.children().each {
// Type is usually the element, but sometimes a type attribute is present
// example: <item name="line_spacing_multiplier" format="float" type="dimen">1.4</item>
type =
type = it.@type
// it.@name is value in name=
"public"("name": it.@name, "type": type)
} else {
// Drawable, layout, etc files
"public"("name": resFile.getName().tokenize('.')[0], "type": type)
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