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Delete WordPress files before calmPress update
#! /bin/bash
rm -f index.php
rm -f license.txt
rm -f readme.html
rm -f wp-activate.php
rm -rf wp-admin
rm -f wp-blog-header.php
rm -f wp-comments-post.php
rm -f wp-config-sample.php
rm -f wp-cron.php
rm -rf wp-includes
rm -f wp-load.php
rm -f wp-login.php
rm -f wp-settings.php
rm -f wp-signup.php
rm -f xmlrpc.php
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mitchelldmiller commented Dec 24, 2018

Script deletes calmPress core files before update.

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markkap commented Dec 25, 2018

Hmmmm this should not be needed to be done like that. Are you upgrading from the admin (need to have WP_DEBUG set to true to see that upgrade path) or manually downloading the zip file and extracting from it?

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mitchelldmiller commented Jan 25, 2019

Did not need script, updating today from release archive /src directory.
Got error on calmPress directory name. Added issue.

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