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Matthew Gilliard mjg123

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public void handleRequest(ScrapeReq input) throws Exception {
FlowFuture<ScrapeResp> scrapes = currentFlow().invokeFunction("./scraper", input, ScrapeResp.class);
scrapes.thenCompose(resp -> {
List<ScrapeResp.ScrapeResult> results = resp.result;
List<FlowFuture<?>> pendingTasks = results
View Dockerfile-jdk10
FROM debian:sid-slim
ADD jdk-10-ea+39_linux-x64_bin.tar.gz /java
ENTRYPOINT ["/java/jdk-10/bin/jshell", "-q"]
mjg123 / flags.diff
Created Jan 16, 2018
JDK10 Ergonomics in container.
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--- host.flags 2018-01-16 13:09:27.257621324 +0000
+++ container.flags 2018-01-16 13:12:20.832503747 +0000
@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@
bool C1ProfileInlinedCalls = true {C1 product} {default}
bool C1ProfileVirtualCalls = true {C1 product} {default}
bool C1UpdateMethodData = true {C1 product} {default}
- intx CICompilerCount = 18 {product} {ergonomic}
+ intx CICompilerCount = 15 {product} {ergonomic}
bool CICompilerCountPerCPU = true {product} {default}
bool CITime = false {product} {default}
View poly.clj
;; A polynomial was produced by my GP to fit points generated by this function in the range [-10 <= a < 10]:
(def archetype (fn [a] (if (pos? a) 1 0)))
;; The results
(clojure.pprint/pprint (for [x (range -10 10)] (generated x)))
;; => (-0.00350264540310313
;; 0.0024697321715263917
;; -0.0034714670565933682
mjg123 /
Created Nov 16, 2016
TDD Demo Summary
2 is primereturn true;
3 is primereturn true;
4 is not primereturn n!=4;
5 is primereturn n!=4;
6 is not primereturn true unless n is even
7 is primereturn true unless n is even
8 is not primereturn true unless n is even
mjg123 / a_star.cljc
Last active Oct 6, 2016
Functional A*
View a_star.cljc
;; Rewrite of*_search_algorithm#Pseudocode in a functional way
#?(:cljs (def INFINITY 9007199254740991)) ;; Math.pow(2,53)-1
#?(:clj (def INFINITY Integer/MAX_VALUE))
(defn a*
([graph start goal heuristic] (a* graph start goal heuristic
#{start} #{} {}
{start 0} {start (heuristic start goal)}))
([graph start goal h
mjg123 / notes
Last active Dec 11, 2015
Lazy approach to approximating square roots in clojure using Newton-Raphson. For BrisFunctional.
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line 21 sidesteps the fact that Math/abs doesn't work for clojure's Rational (ie fractional) datatype.
View test2.clj
(defn ensure-ns [ns-name]
(when-not (find-ns (symbol ns-name))
(intern (create-ns (symbol ns-name)) '*me* "never-seen")))
(the-ns (symbol ns-name)))
(defn eval-w-bindings [user-code ns-name user]
(let [my-ns (ensure-ns ns-name)]
(with-bindings {#'*ns* my-ns
(ns-resolve my-ns '*me*) user}
View test.clj
(when (not (find-ns 'mattermost))
(.setDynamic ;; <- This horrific interop into to counter
(intern (create-ns 'mattermost) ;; CLJ-951, which is a closed/wishlist bug reporting that
(with-meta '*me* {:dynamic true}) ;; <- this is actually not propagated fully (is, in fact, useless) :(
(defn eval-w-bindings [str user]
(binding [*ns* (create-ns 'mattermost)
mattermost/*me* user]
(clojure.core/refer 'clojure.core)
mjg123 / ajax.cljs
Created Jul 21, 2011
How to make a json(p) request from ClojureScript using jQuery
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(def jquery (js* "$"))
(defn show [msg]
(let [data-as-json ((js* "JSON.stringify") msg nil 4)]
((js* "alert") data-as-json)))
(defn make-js-map
"makes a javascript map from a clojure one"
(let [out (js-obj)]
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