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Last active Dec 16, 2015
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Clojure-like psuedo-code for something closer to the actual structure of a Hadoop MapReduce computation
;; I'm sure I'm wrong here -- please correct me!
;; (Although note I'm not trying to capture the exact algorithms and dataflow complexities of hadoop here, just the logical structure of MapReduce computations and a rough sketch of how they're distributed.)
;; not just
(->> data
(pmap mapper)
(reduce reducer))
;; but something more like this.
(->> input-key-value-pairs
;; partition the input data (a sequence of key-value pairs) into a
;; chunk for each node
(partition-by partitioner)
;; On each node:
(pmap (fn [key-value-pairs]
(->> key-value-pairs
;; apply the mapper. mapper yields sequences of
;; key-value pairs so it's a mapcat rather than a
;; plain map
(mapcat mapper)
;; group results locally by key (I think hadoop does
;; this via a sort?)
(group-by :key)
;; reduce each pair of
;; [key, values-from-mapper]
;; locally using a combiner.
;; The fold isn't done in a flat sequential fashion, the combiner may be
;; called again with outputs from previous combine steps. So should be
;; associative (and the combiner/reducer operation should be commutative if using
;; combiners, because there are no guarantees about the order in which
;; combine results from different nodes are made available to the reducer node)
;; (TODO: what about when a combiner produces multiple results for a key?)
(map (fn [[key values]]
[key (reducers/fold combiner values)])))
;; Join together the results from the separate nodes and again
;; group them by a hash of the key, which determines the node
;; responsible for reducing values of that key.
;; (This distributing of map results to reducer
;; nodes doesn't actually go via a centralised grouping phase,
;; the dataflow is more distributed than this, but conceptually
;; speaking at least.)
(apply concat)
(group-by (fn [[key value]] (hash key)))
;; For each key hash bin, on a separate node:
(pmap (fn [[hash key-value-pairs]]
(->> key-value-pairs
;; group results locally by key (or has this already
;; been done?)
(group-by :key)
;; Apply the reducer to each pair of
;; [key, values-from-combiners-on-all-nodes]
;; The fold isn't done in a flat sequential fashion, reducer may be
;; called again with outputs from previous reductions (and so should be
;; associative?)
;; (TODO: what about when a reducer produces multiple results for a key?)
(map (fn [[key values]]
[key (reducers/fold reducer values)])))))
;; Join together reducer results from all nodes (or can just
;; leave them as separate files in HDFS)
(apply concat))
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