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@mkleucker mkleucker/mobileVisits.js
Last active Dec 23, 2015

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Script to extract all mobile vitsits from your (synced) Chrome history. Run this script in the dev-tools of chrome://history-frame.
// Script to extract the mobile visits from the the synced Chrome history.
// 1. Open chrome://history-frame
// 2. Copy & Paste the code below into the console
// 3. Run and wait (it will evaluate all visits dating back to 12. September 2013)
// 4. Success
var mobileVisits;
var endDate = new Date('2013','08', '12');
(function getVisits() {
if(historyModel.visits_[historyModel.visits_.length-1].date > endDate){
setTimeout(getVisits, 2000);
function isMobileVisit(visit){
if(!(visit instanceof Visit)){
return false;
if( < endDate){
return false;
if(visit.deviceType == "phone"){
return true;
return false;
function evaluateVisits(){
var visits = historyModel.visits_;
console.log("total visits: "+visits.length);
mobileVisits = visits.filter(isMobileVisit);
console.log("total visits: "+mobileVisits.length);
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