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Last active Dec 21, 2015
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if [ ! -f ".idea/nutricia.iml" ]; then
echo 'Run this command from the root of your project (.idea/nutricia.iml not found)' >&2
exit 1;
echo 'nutricia.iml filter=phar' >> .git/info/attributes
# on disk, there is never a trailing slash
git config --global filter.phar.smudge 'sed s,[.]phar/,.phar,g'
# when checking in, first strip the trailing slash, then add it (avoid double slashes), and remove newline at end of file
git config --global filter.phar.clean 'sed -e s,[.]phar/,.phar,g -e s,[.]phar,.phar/,g | perl -pe "chomp if eof" '
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