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Specify SSL version (TLS 1.2) on HTTParty - a Ruby client library


Some vendors require you to call their API via TLS 1.2 and I don't see that much documentation on how to do this.

2 ways to make an HTTP request using HTTParty:

  1. Directly calling Class method.
# Notice the `ssl_version` option, to specify ssl version of the HTTP request
response = HTTParty.get('', ssl_version: :TLSv1_2)
  1. Wrap HTTParty in your own class.
class StackExchange
  include HTTParty
  base_uri ''
  # HTTParty would inherit this option
  ssl_version :TLSv1_2

  def initialize(service, page)
    @options = { query: { site: service, page: page } }

  def questions
    self.class.get("/2.2/questions", @options)

  def users
    self.class.get("/2.2/users", @options)

stack_exchange ="stackoverflow", 1)
puts stack_exchange.questions
puts stack_exchange.users


Paypal made a dedicated endpoint mainly for this purpose, since they're one of the vendors who requires such ssl version. Reference:

Confirm if TLS 1.2 is used properly and received by the server.


Expected Output:


You could also do a pry on your staging / production server and executing HTTParty.get directly. If you encounter an error, you must upgrade the OPENSSL library on your machine.

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