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Created May 15, 2024 10:00
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Performance with Laravel Table of Contents

Fundamentals - 217 pages (Basic Package)

Measuring performance

  • ab
  • jmeter
  • Inspector
  • Telescope
  • OpenTelemetry
  • XDebug + qcachegrind
  • Clockwork
  • htop
  • How to start measuring performance?

N+1 queries

  • Solutions
  • Prevent lazy loading
  • Let the client decide what it wants

Multiple resources


  • Cursor pagination

Database indexing

  • Theory Arrays
  • Linked list
  • Binary tree
  • Binary search tree (BST) Indexing in the early days
  • Single-level indexing
  • Multi-level indexing B-Tree
  • Problems with B-Trees B+ Trees
  • Index access types const
  • range
  • range (again) index
  • ALL
  • Select *
  • Composite indexes Cardinality
  • Database indexing in practice Listing posts by status Feed
  • Publishing posts
  • Avoiding memory problems Avoiding spamming the database Measuring performance

Async workflows

  • Web scraping with jobs Concurrent programming
  • Concurrent programming
  • fork
  • Concurrent HTTP requests Queues and workers
  • Queues and workers
  • supervisor
  • Multiple queues and priorities
  • Optimizing worker processes

Chunking large datasets

  • Exports
  • Imports
  • Generators & LazyCollections
  • PHP generators
  • Imports with generators
  • Imports with LazyCollections
  • Reading files
  • Deleting records


  • fpm processes
  • nginx cache
  • Caching static content
  • Caching fastcgi responses
  • MySQL slow query log
  • Monitoring database connections
  • Docker resource limits
  • Health check monitors

System design and architecture - 145 pages (Premium Package)

Building an analytics platform


  • v1
  • v2
  • v3
  • v4
  • v5

PageView service

Analytics service

  • Page views
  • Unique visitors
  • Most visited pages

Measuring performance


  • site_id index
  • visited_at and site_id composite index
  • site_id and visited_at composite index


Hashing URLs



Sorted sets

Page views

  • Querying page views
  • Daily and monthly page views
  • Scaling down the problem
  • Inserting page views
  • Time complexity

Unique visitors

  • Querying unique visitors
  • Daily and monthly unique visitors
  • HyperLogLog
  • Daily unique visitors
  • Monthly unique visitors
  • Hourly unique visitors
  • Scaling down the problem
  • Inserting unique visitors
  • Time complexity
  • Memoization

Most visited pages

  • Querying most visited pages
  • Scaling down the problem
  • Inserting most visited page views
  • Time complexity

Cleaning up data

Falling back to MySQL

Avoiding accidental data loss



Architecture v6: CQRS

  • The event stream
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This is going to be the ultimate performance book!

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This is going to be the ultimate performance book!

Thank you!

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My question to you is, how and where do gather the strength to do all these? Amazing!!


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Is there a waitlist email subscription for this? 🤤

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