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Last active Mar 4, 2019
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bitwise videos shared on Resilio Sync
total 49G
375M day0.mp4
49M day0.mp3
411M day1.mp4
58M day1.mp3
445M day2.mp4
63M day2.mp3
565M day3.mp4
83M day3.mp3
936M day4_extra.mp4
144M day4_extra.mp3
492M day4.mp4
71M day4.mp3
413M day5.mp4
64M day5.mp3
430M day6.mp4
71M day6.mp3
480M day7.mp4
70M day7.mp3
478M day8.mp4
59M day8.mp3
814M day8_extra.mp4
90M day8_extra.mp3
483M day9.mp4
66M day9.mp3
403M day10.mp4
64M day10.mp3
605M day10_extra.mp4
91M day10_extra.mp3
560M day11.mp4
69M day11.mp3
700M day11_extra.mp4
89M day11_extra.mp3
509M day12.mp4
70M day12.mp3
264M day13_part1.mp4
29M day13_part1.mp3
1.4G day13_part2.mp4
54M day13_part2.mp3
607M day14.mp4
76M day14.mp3
438M day14_extra.mp4
59M day14_extra.mp3
530M day15.mp4
74M day15.mp3
565M day16.mp4
78M day16.mp3
370M day17.mp4
60M day17.mp3
174M day17_extra.mp4
32M day17_extra.mp3
461M day18.mp4
65M day18.mp3
572M day18_extra.mp4
80M day18_extra.mp3
371M day19.mp4
57M day19.mp3
463M day19_extra.mp4
72M day19_extra.mp3
381M day20.mp4
57M day20.mp3
475M day20_extra.mp4
85M day20_extra.mp3
632M day21.mp4
71M day21.mp3
830M day22.mp4
94M day22.mp3
533M day23.mp4
63M day23.mp3
540M day23_extra.mp4
66M day23_extra.mp3
492M day24.mp4
86M day24.mp3
385M day24_extra.mp4
63M day24_extra.mp3
443M day25.mp4
66M day25.mp3
532M day26.mp4
72M day26.mp3
471M day27.mp4
65M day27.mp3
283M day27_extra.mp4
39M day27_extra.mp3
508M day28.mp4
80M day28.mp3
526M day29.mp4
78M day29.mp3
570M day30.mp4
86M day30.mp3
353M day31.mp4
54M day31.mp3
420M day32.mp4
69M day32.mp3
461M day33.mp4
65M day33.mp3
407M day34.mp4
55M day34.mp3
483M day35.mp4
66M day35.mp3
483M day36.mp4
87M day36.mp3
452M day37.mp4
67M day37.mp3
728M day38.mp4
112M day38.mp3
666M day38_extra.mp4
100M day38_extra.mp3
389M day39.mp4
60M day39.mp3
380M day39_extra.mp4
64M day39_extra.mp3
408M day40.mp4
66M day40.mp3
488M day41.mp4
82M day41.mp3
478M day42.mp4
68M day42.mp3
349M day43.mp4
55M day43.mp3
285M day44.mp4
47M day44.mp3
568M day45.mp4
90M day45.mp3
428M day46.mp4
60M day46.mp3
398M day47.mp4
63M day47.mp3
193M day48.mp4
30M day48.mp3
393M day49.mp4
69M day49.mp3
370M day50.mp4
64M day50.mp3
722M day51.mp4
92M day51.mp3
575M day52.mp4
84M day52.mp3
603M day53.mp4
91M day53.mp3
698M day54.mp4
108M day54.mp3
464M day55.mp4
81M day55.mp3
525M day56.mp4
88M day56.mp3
514M day57.mp4
90M day57.mp3
398M day58.mp4
78M day58.mp3
408M day59.mp4
68M day59.mp3
459M day60.mp4
69M day60.mp3
820M day61.mp4
124M day61.mp3
1.4G day62.mp4
194M day62.mp3
573M day63.mp4
70M day63.mp3
806M day64.mp4
119M day64.mp3
477M day65.mp4
71M day65.mp3
786M day66.mp4
109M day66.mp3
457M day67.mp4
78M day67.mp3
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