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mnosshi / gist:cb756db071bbf67db91e5dc7b085315f
Created Jul 24, 2017
Installation Notes--MODIStsp for mac OS X (sierra), R 3.4
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installing MODIStsp requires many dependencies:
library(RGtk2; rgdal; cairo; sp; bitops; data.table; gdalUtils; hash; gWidgets; rgeos; xts; XML; xml2; stringr; httr; RJSONIO; chron; iterators; digest; pacman; curl)
and for MAC OSX sierra, there are two main issues:
1. As outlined here in the comment by @tobybot11 ( Rgtk requires the x11 libraries/headers (gdk/gdkx.h specifically)
and doesn't work with the quartz libraries/headers which now is the default for GTK
2. When installing the dependencies gWidgetsRGtk2 and cairoDevice from CRAN you need to choose the version "OS X Mavericks binaries"
and not "Package source"
To start, update to the recent R package, then update packages
#1. update packages
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