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TreeStyleTab sidebar tabs only



@namespace url("");
#navigator-toolbox {
/* put titlebar and url bar next to each other */
-moz-box-orient: horizontal;
/* more places to allow dragging */
-moz-window-dragging: drag;
/* gives a native, blended look on macos */
-moz-appearance: -moz-mac-vibrant-titlebar-light !important;
#urlbar-container {
/* more drag handles */
-moz-window-dragging: drag;
#urlbar {
/* but don't interfere with selecting text in the URL bar itself */
-moz-window-dragging: no-drag;
#TabsToolbar {
min-width: 90px;
/* blend with macos titlebar color */
background-color: transparent !important;
/* to hide the native tabs */
#TabsToolbar .toolbar-items {
visibility: collapse;
/* to hide the treesyle tabs sidebar header */
#sidebar-header {
visibility: collapse;
#nav-bar {
/* flat style, to blend with native window */
background-color: transparent !important;
box-shadow: none !important;
/* let it breathe */
margin: 5px 0 !important;
/* allow dragging from the padding around the nav bar */
-moz-window-dragging: drag;
/* expand to fill space not taken by #TabsToolbar */
-moz-box-flex: 1000;
/* contains private browsing badge and fullscreen button */
#titlebar-secondary-buttonbox {
margin-left: 4px;
.titlebar-spacer[type="pre-tabs"] {
display: none !important;
border-inline-end: none !important;
/* put a top-border on the main content rather than a bottom-border
on the toolbar, because the toolbar has -moz-appearance: none; */
#content-deck {
border-top: 1px solid #cccccc;

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aLekSer commented Feb 14, 2019

Thanks for this gist, but it does not work with Bookmarks toolbar

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