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  • Docker: A "containerization tool" that bundles software needed for Wax (e.g, Jekyll, etc.) into a disposable, virtual computer (kinda)
  • Git: An open source software for tracking and committing changes to various files
  • Command Line Interface (e.g., Terminal): a non-graphical interface for telling your computer to do things, like run Wax's processing tasks or serve your site to a browser.
  • Text Editor (e.g., Atom): a program for editing files in "plain-text," (as opposed to "rich text") that is more geared towards machine-readability and reusability.
  • Web Browser (e.g., Firefox): a graphical interface for rendering sites and site data (can render "local" as well as "remote" content)


  • Google Sheets & Drive: service/platform for storing and sharing content
  • GitHub: service/platform for storing and sharing content using Git
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