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Create an Aurora Serverless Cluster via AWS CLI
aws rds create-db-cluster --db-cluster-identifier my-serverless-cluster --master-username mymasteruser \
--master-user-password mymasterpassword --engine aurora --engine-mode serverless \
--region us-east-1

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commented Apr 23, 2019

// Result of the above AWS CLI command - ran on April 23, 2019

    "DBCluster": {
        "AllocatedStorage": 1,
        "AvailabilityZones": [
        "BackupRetentionPeriod": 1,
        "DBClusterIdentifier": "my-serverless-cluster",
        "DBClusterParameterGroup": "default.aurora5.6",
        "DBSubnetGroup": "default",
        "Status": "creating",
        "Endpoint": "my-serverless-cluster.cluster-<redacted>",
        "ReaderEndpoint": "my-serverless-cluster.cluster-ro-<redacted>",
        "MultiAZ": false,
        "Engine": "aurora",
        "EngineVersion": "5.6.10a",
        "Port": 3306,
        "MasterUsername": "mymasteruser",
        "PreferredBackupWindow": "07:17-07:47",
        "PreferredMaintenanceWindow": "fri:10:29-fri:10:59",
        "ReadReplicaIdentifiers": [],
        "DBClusterMembers": [],
        "VpcSecurityGroups": [
                "VpcSecurityGroupId": "sg-36292b58",
                "Status": "active"
        "HostedZoneId": "Z2XHWR1WZ565X2",
        "StorageEncrypted": true,
        "KmsKeyId": "arn:aws:kms:us-east-2:<redacted>:key/<redacted>",
        "DbClusterResourceId": "cluster-YYE7XNIREUYWIRSVNEE2I2AHLU",
        "DBClusterArn": "arn:aws:rds:us-east-1:<redacted>:cluster:my-serverless-cluster",
        "AssociatedRoles": [],
        "IAMDatabaseAuthenticationEnabled": false,
        "ClusterCreateTime": "2019-04-23T22:23:10.757Z",
        "EngineMode": "serverless",
        "DeletionProtection": false,
        "HttpEndpointEnabled": false
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