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public interface ChannelReciever {
public void sendMessage(String message);
public interface ChannelFormatter {
public String formatMessage(ChannelReciever member, String message);
public interface Channel {
String getChannelName();
String sendMessage(String message);
void addMember(ChannelReceiver member);
void removeMember(ChannelReceiver member);
List<ChannelReceiver> getMembers();
void setFormatter(ChannelFormater formatter);
ChannelFormater getFormatter();
public interface ChannelFilter {
Channel selectChannel(ChannelReceiver member, MultiChannel multiChannel);
public interface MultiChannel {
void registerChannel(Channel channel, int priority);
int getPriority(Channel channel);
List<Channel> getRegisteredChannels();

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@dredhorse dredhorse commented Nov 18, 2014

removeMember should probably be boolean.
i gather MultiChannel would than be per User?

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