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my vim cheatsheet.txt
## Vim
### Basic
enable line numbers :set number | :set nu
disable line numbers :set nonumber | :set nonu | :set nu!
enable relative numbers :set relativenumber
convert entire word to uppercace <leader>u
convert entire word to lowercase <leader>l
convert first char of word to uppercase <leader>U
convert first char of word to lowercase <leader>L
change cwd to current active buffer's file <leader>cd
mkdir current active buffer's file folder <leader>md # ie. when buffer's path does not exit
swap the current word with the one gw
underline the current line with = <leader>ul
toggle wrap <leader>tw
Finds the next conflict marker <leader>fc
toggle highlight search <leader>hs
adjust viewports to the same size <leader>=
expands to :e (dir current file) <leader>ew # opens same window
expands to :sp (dir current file) <leader>es # opens horizontal split
expands to :vsp (dir current file) <leader>ev # opens vertical split
expands to :tabe (dir current file) <leader>et # opens in new tab
write using sudo (if forgot sudo vi) :w!!
toggles paste mode <F4>
formats entire file <leader>fef
### [Ack.vim](
Ack.vim uses ack to search inside the current directory for a pattern.
opens Ack.vim <leader>f
open (same as enter) o
open and close quickfix window O
preview file (open and keep ack.vim results) go
open in new tab t
open in new tab silently T
open in horizontal split h
open in horizontal split silently H
open in vertical split v
open in vertical split silently gv
close the quickfix window q
### [CtrlP](
Fuzzy file, buffer, mru and tag finder. Replaces
opens CtrlP <c-p>
purge cache <F5>
cyble between modes <c-f> <c-b>
search filename only search or full path <c-d>
enable/disable regexp mode <c-r>
navigate result list <c-j> <c-k>
open selected entry in new tab or split <c-t> <c-v> <c-x>
select next/previous string on prompt hist <c-n> <c-p>
create new file and its parent dirs <c-y>
mark / unmark multiple file and open then <c-z> then <c-o>
### [NERDCommenter](
NERDCommenter allows you to wrangle your code comments, regardless of
comment current line (visual mode too) <leader>/
### [NERDTree](
NERDTree is a file explorer plugin that provides "project drawer"
functionality to your vim projects.
opens NERDTree <leader>n
get NERDTree help on navigation pane ?
create new node m
### [SuperTab](
In insert mode, start typing something and hit `<TAB>` to tab-complete
based on the current context.
### [Syntastic](
Syntastic is a syntax checking plugin that runs buffers through external syntax
checkers as they are saved and opened.
### [Tagbar](
Tagbar is a vim plugin for browsing the tags of source code files.
opens Tagbar <leader>rt
### [EasyMotion](
EasyMotion provides a much simpler way to use some motions in vim.
show targets for words <leader><leader>w
search for one character above cursor <leader><leader>F
search for one character below cursor <leader><leader>f
search for one character full screen <leader><leader>s
goes up in the text <leader><leader>k
goes down in the text <leader><leader>j
### [NrrwRgn](
Narrowing means focussing on a region and making the rest inaccessible.
open selected text in a narrow window \nr
open selected region in a NR :NR
open current visual window in a NR :NW
(In NR) write the changes to original buffer :WidenRegion
Open NR for region visually selected :NRV
(In unified diff) open selected diff in 2 NRs :NUD
mark a region for a multi narrowed window :NRP
create a new multi narrowed window (after :NRP) :NRM
enable sync buffer content back (default on) :NRS
disable sync buffer content back :NRN
reselect last selected region and open in NR :NRL
arrowed window
### Git Support ([Fugitive](
Fugitive adds pervasive git support to git directories in vim.
Use `:Gstatus` to view `git status` and type `-` on any file to stage or
unstage it. Type `p` on a file to enter `git add -p` and stage specific
hunks in the file.
:Gblame <leader>gb
:Gstatus <leader>gs
:Gdiff <leader>gd
:Glog <leader>gl
:Gcommit <leader>gc
:Gitpush <leager>gp
### [ZoomWin](
When working with split windows, ZoomWin lets you zoom into a window
toogle Window zoom on current buffer <leader>zw
### [BufferGator](
Buffergator is a plugin for listing, navigating between, and selecting
buffers to edit.
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