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This userscript will add a list (initially hidden in an expandable div) containing links to every question listed on a tag page (i.e., questions/tagged/something). When a link in this list is clicked, it goes away. This allows you to easily open up many questions with this tag at the same time. Simply ctrl-click on the first link, then keep clic…
// ==UserScript==
// @name Tag list
// @namespace
// @author Will Sullivan (Will)
// @developer David Bingham (Mogsdad)
// @version 1.2.10
// @grant none
// @description Adds an expandable list containing a link to every question on the current tag page. Useful when you want to open many questions with the same tag at the same time.
// @include /^https?:\/\/(?:meta.)?(?:stackoverflow|stackexchange|serverfault|superuser|askubuntu|stackapps)\.com(?:\/(?:\?|questions(?:$|\/tagged|\?)|search|unanswered).*)?$/
// ==/UserScript==
var runTagList = tagList();
var wannaReSort = false; // Set to true to sort closed items to top
function tagList() {
// If list already present, quit.
if ($('.linkylist').length) return;
var App = {};
// Locate the element containing list of posts.
App.linkytarget = $('.question-summary').parent();
if (wannaReSort) {
// re-sort list; move all the already handled cruff to the top
$.each(["closed", "on hold", "migrated", "duplicate"], function(index) {
App.items = $('.question-summary .summary:contains(' + this + ')');
// Bail out if we don't have 5+ posts. (reviews have 1 or 2, but 5 is a nice number)
if( $(App.linkytarget).children().length <= 5 ) return;
// get all the hrefs
App.root = App.linkytarget;
App.hrefs = App.root.find('.question-hyperlink,.result-link'); // .result-link on searches, .question-hyperlink everywhere else
if (App.hrefs.length === 0) {
console.log("No post hyperlinks found");
App.listroot = $('<div class="linkylist"/>');
App.listhead = $('<p class="linkyhead">Click here to <span id="linkyaction">open</span> a list of all links on this page</p>');
App.listbody = $('<div class="linkybody"/>');
App.listbody.hide(); {
$('#linkyaction').text(function (index, text) {
return (text == 'open' ? 'close' : 'open');
// note that when you click a link it gets removed from the list.
App.hrefs.each(function() {
App.parent = $('<span class="linkeyspan"/>');
App.linkey = $(this).clone().attr('target', '_blank'); {
* Define "CSS" for this user script
function userscriptCSS() {
'.linkylist {margin: 0px;padding: 0px;}' +
'.linkyhead {text-align: right;padding: 5px 10px;cursor: pointer;position: relative;background-color:#FFCCCC;margin:1px;}' +
'.linkybody {padding: 5px 10px 15px;background-color:#F4F4F8;}'
* Stuff string of styles into doc head.
function addCss(cssString) {
var head = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0];
if (!head) return;
var newCss = document.createElement('style');
newCss.type = "text/css";
newCss.innerHTML = cssString;
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