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Configuration example for ``ptpython``.
Copy this file to ~/.ptpython/
from __future__ import unicode_literals
from prompt_toolkit.filters import ViInsertMode
from prompt_toolkit.key_binding.input_processor import KeyPress
from prompt_toolkit.keys import Keys
from pygments.token import Token
from ptpython.layout import CompletionVisualisation
__all__ = (
def configure(repl):
Configuration method. This is called during the start-up of ptpython.
:param repl: `PythonRepl` instance.
# Show function signature (bool).
repl.show_signature = False
# Show docstring (bool).
repl.show_docstring = True
# Show the "[Meta+Enter] Execute" message when pressing [Enter] only
# inserts a newline instead of executing the code.
repl.show_meta_enter_message = True
# Show completions. (NONE, POP_UP, MULTI_COLUMN or TOOLBAR)
repl.completion_visualisation = CompletionVisualisation.POP_UP
# When CompletionVisualisation.POP_UP has been chosen, use this
# scroll_offset in the completion menu.
repl.completion_menu_scroll_offset = 0
# Show line numbers (when the input contains multiple lines.)
repl.show_line_numbers = False
# Show status bar.
repl.show_status_bar = True
# When the sidebar is visible, also show the help text.
repl.show_sidebar_help = True
# Highlight matching parethesis.
repl.highlight_matching_parenthesis = True
# Line wrapping. (Instead of horizontal scrolling.)
repl.wrap_lines = True
# Mouse support.
repl.enable_mouse_support = False
# Complete while typing. (Don't require tab before the
# completion menu is shown.)
repl.complete_while_typing = True
# Vi mode.
repl.vi_mode = False
# Paste mode. (When True, don't insert whitespace after new line.)
repl.paste_mode = False
# Use the classic prompt. (Display '>>>' instead of 'In [1]'.)
repl.prompt_style = 'classic' # 'classic' or 'ipython'
# Don't insert a blank line after the output.
repl.insert_blank_line_after_output = False
# History Search.
# When True, going back in history will filter the history on the records
# starting with the current input. (Like readline.)
# Note: When enable, please disable the `complete_while_typing` option.
# otherwise, when there is a completion available, the arrows will
# browse through the available completions instead of the history.
repl.enable_history_search = False
# Enable auto suggestions. (Pressing right arrow will complete the input,
# based on the history.)
repl.enable_auto_suggest = True
# Enable open-in-editor. Pressing C-X C-E in emacs mode or 'v' in
# Vi navigation mode will open the input in the current editor.
repl.enable_open_in_editor = True
# Enable system prompt. Pressing meta-! will display the system prompt.
# Also enables Control-Z suspend.
repl.enable_system_bindings = True
# Ask for confirmation on exit.
repl.confirm_exit = True
# Enable input validation. (Don't try to execute when the input contains
# syntax errors.)
repl.enable_input_validation = True
# Use this colorscheme for the code.
# Enable 24bit True color. (Not all terminals support this. -- maybe check
# $TERM before changing.)
repl.true_color = False
# Install custom colorscheme named 'my-colorscheme' and use it.
repl.install_ui_colorscheme('my-colorscheme', _custom_ui_colorscheme)
# Add custom key binding for PDB.
def _(event):
' Pressing Control-B will insert "pdb.set_trace()" '
event.cli.current_buffer.insert_text('\nimport pdb; pdb.set_trace()\n')
# Typing ControlE twice should also execute the current command.
# (Alternative for Meta-Enter.)
@repl.add_key_binding(Keys.ControlE, Keys.ControlE)
def _(event):
b = event.current_buffer
if b.accept_action.is_returnable:
b.accept_action.validate_and_handle(event.cli, b)
# Typing 'jj' in Vi Insert mode, should send escape. (Go back to navigation
# mode.)
@repl.add_key_binding('j', 'j', filter=ViInsertMode())
def _(event):
" Map 'jj' to Escape. "
# Custom key binding for some simple autocorrection while typing.
corrections = {
'impotr': 'import',
'pritn': 'print',
@repl.add_key_binding(' ')
def _(event):
' When a space is pressed. Check & correct word before cursor. '
b = event.cli.current_buffer
w = b.document.get_word_before_cursor()
if w is not None:
if w in corrections:
b.insert_text(' ')
# Custom colorscheme for the UI. See `ptpython/` and
# `ptpython/` for all possible tokens.
_custom_ui_colorscheme = {
# Blue prompt.
Token.Layout.Prompt: 'bg:#eeeeff #000000 bold',
# Make the status toolbar red.
Token.Toolbar.Status: 'bg:#ff0000 #000000',

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commented Jan 9, 2019

In new versions of prompt_toolkit:

from prompt_toolkit.key_binding.input_processor import KeyPress

is now

from prompt_toolkit.key_binding.key_processor import KeyPress

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