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A sample CDI extension for eagerly instantiating @ApplicationScoped beans annotated @startup
public class StartupBean
public void onStartup()
System.out.println("Application starting up.");
public class StartupBeanExtension implements Extension
private final Set<Bean<?>> startupBeans = new LinkedHashSet<Bean<?>>();
<X> void processBean(@Observes ProcessBean<X> event)
if (event.getAnnotated().isAnnotationPresent(Startup.class) &&
void afterDeploymentValidation(@Observes AfterDeploymentValidation event, BeanManager manager)
for (Bean<?> bean : startupBeans)
// the call to toString() is a cheat to force the bean to be initialized
manager.getReference(bean, bean.getBeanClass(), manager.createCreationalContext(bean)).toString();
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itfobos commented May 22, 2013


Do we need to add any files to META-INF/services dirrectory?
Do u have an example of using this approach?

I'm trying to make extension like u and get no success. Using Glassfish 3.1.21

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oloftus commented Jun 2, 2013

According to you do...

"The extensions should be registered in a file META-INF/services/javax.enterprise.inject.spi.Extension. The file has only one line with a fully qualified path to the EagerExtension class, e.g. mydomain.mypackage.EagerExtension."

Though I haven't tried implementing this yet

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odrotbohm commented Jan 12, 2014

Has this ever worked? .toString() just returns as call from Object and there doesn't seem to be a provider agnostic way to enforce the actual instance to be created.

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JalalSordo commented Jul 16, 2016

have anyone ever tested this ?

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cray935 commented Jul 22, 2016

hi, i'm just researching and according to the spec of "ProcessBean" this won't work...
Why the posted solution may not work is that "ProcessBean" is the event right before a bean gets deployed. the call of Object.toString() is because the guy enabled bean discovery mode "all" what lifts all classpath classes up to beans.

EDIT: but you can use the event to gather information about the beans discovered... usually you might be interested in "ManagedBean"s

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sermojohn commented Nov 4, 2016

You can consider using the @initialized qualifier introduced in CDI 1.1 spec, and provided by the Weld implementation.
Here is a demo code:

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