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Last active Oct 9, 2016

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The idea of this Gist is to track common pitfalls when using OpenGL.


  • Multiple shaders of the same type cannot be attached to a single shader program. (e.g. there can only be one vertex program and one fragment program attached to the shader program)

Not specifying minimum precision of your shader variables.

Simptom: Your app crashes on certain devices.

Reason: Some devices require that you specify a minimum precision for the variables.

Solution: Either specify minimum precision per variable with the lowp, mediump, highp flags or use the following global configurations in your vertex and fragment shaders.

precision lowp float;
precision lowp sampler2D;
// ...


Using non power-of-two sized images

Simptom: You texture is not rendered and instead the polygon is rendered black.

Reason: You are using a texture that is not 2^n in width or height and the device does not support it.

Solution: Have your textures 2^n x 2^m in dimension. Scale (preferably up) your images if necessary.

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