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import json
from matplotlib import pyplot
def load_log(path):
with open(path) as f:
# read json file
ch_log = json.load(f)
x = [ep['epoch'] for ep in ch_log]
y1 = [ep['validation/main/accuracy'] for ep in ch_log]
y2 = [ep['main/accuracy'] for ep in ch_log]
return x, y1, y2
def plot(x, y1, y2, title=None):
lines = pyplot.plot(x, y1, label='v/m/accuracy')
# ラインのスタイルを変更する
# lines[0].set_color('#FF0000') # 赤色に
# lines[0].set_linestyle('-')
# lines[0].set_linewidth(1) # 線幅
lines = pyplot.plot(x, y2, label='m/accuracy')
pyplot.legend() # 凡例表示
if title:
# 描画
d = load_log('log.json')
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