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Hack For LA 2014-05-31 concept


A 3D+ point is a point with latitude, longitude, elevation, and time components.

A 3D+ vector describes the angle and magnitude of the difference between two 3D+ points.

A route is a series of 3D+ points which connect to form a continuous path.


Score routes against given 3D+ points origin and destination

DEFINE drudge, a factor to convert lat/lng distances to a score

DEFINE wander, a factor to convert deviation from course to a score

DEFINE effort, a factor to convert elevation gain to a score

DEFINE patience, a factor to convert time to a score

DEFINE rush, a factor to convert lateness to a score

SET speed = 13mph

FOR each route

SET score to 0

FIND start, the nearest 3D+ point to origin

FIND finish, the nearest 3D+ point to destination

CREATE ride, a 3D+ vector using start and finish

CREATE commute, a 3D+ vector using origin and destination

FOR each 3D+ point step in route

GET next step

GET lean, 3D+ vector using step and next step

BUMP score by wander * difference between angle of commute and angle of lean

BUMP score by effort * elevation gain of lean

BUMP score by wander * difference between angle of commute and angle of ride * distance of ride

BUMP score by rush * (time of finish - (time of destination - distance between finish and destination / speed))

BUMP score by patience * difference between time of origin and time of start

BUMP score by patience * difference between time of finish and time of destination

SORT routes descending by score


  • improve penalty for arriving late
  • improve accounting for pleasant deviation
    • balance of elevation gain and loss
    • frequency of alternation between climbing and descending
    • maybe allow some configuration by the user of the conversion factors
  • can I refactor comparisons to leverage 4-component vectors' inherent qualities (i.e. angle & magnitude)?
  • ride around town and TRACK THAT $#!7 (emulate different commuter routes, criss-crossing, going back and forth)
  • use time-shifted playback of tracking as if it were realtime

I am a...

conductor, about to ride -> login as a conductor

cyclist, looking to join a train

Location services enabled on our domain?

Yes -> score routes (here, now, void, realtime)

No: realtime or anytime?

poke at the map or type a location -> score routes (somewhere, now, void, realtime/anytime)

see conductors moving on the map

login as a conductor

start tracking your train

stop tracking


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sherylj commented May 30, 2014

This is a good documentation. I would like to join your team if possible.
I'm curious to know what dataset you want to use for this.

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