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function is_mobile(){
$useragents = array(
'iPhone', // iPhone
'iPod', // iPod touch
'Android.*Mobile', // 1.5+ Android *** Only mobile
'Windows.*Phone', // *** Windows Phone
'dream', // Pre 1.5 Android
'CUPCAKE', // 1.5+ Android
'blackberry9500', // Storm
'blackberry9530', // Storm
'blackberry9520', // Storm v2
'blackberry9550', // Storm v2
'blackberry9800', // Torch
'webOS', // Palm Pre Experimental
'incognito', // Other iPhone browser
'webmate' // Other iPhone browser
$pattern = '/'.implode('|', $useragents).'/i';
return preg_match($pattern, $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']);
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