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include "ChatFramework/autoload.php"; // Include the right directory of autoload.php file in Framework's directory
$accessToken = "EAAml0vBnAw8BALzycHzdaADIwyKtG91p0hMzBtDFc7D5M6RqR6jEOOgo518bqc8gr9kv92y80cyIJdIo2Bp596YpDouU8BGr1XdHoFh2H0AoGqnPrzV9ZCVYZCfUC51JRGKuvM7cJm2vwQ3hVvXO1czaUHNiqwqH6xojsvvQZDZD";
$bot = new \NorthStudio\ChatFramework($accessToken, false);
$builder = new \NorthStudio\MessageBuilder();
$userId = $bot->getSenderId(); // ID cua nguoi gui tin nhan
$userInfo = $bot->getUserData($userId); // Thong tin co ban cua nguoi dung
$userMessage = $bot->getMessageText();
if ($userMessage == "Xin chào!") {
$builder->createTextMessage("Chào bạn!")
} elseif ($userMessage == "Hi") {
} else {
$builder->createTextMessage("Xin chào, {$userInfo['name']}. Chào mừng bạn đã đến với Page!")
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