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import typing
from django.db.models import Manager
from django.db.models.query import QuerySet
class TopicManager(Manager):
def having_names(self, names: str, *, create_missing: bool = False, **create_kwargs: typing.Dict[str, typing.Any]) -> QuerySet:
if not len(names):
return self.none()
topic_names = set(names.lower().split(','))
# TODO: Support use directly as QuerySet
related_topics = self.all()
for name in topic_names:
related_topics |= related_topics.filter(name__iexact=name)
if create_missing and len(related_topics) != len(topic_names):
missing_topics = topic_names.difference([ for topic in related_topics])
topics_to_create = []
for name in missing_topics:
topic = self.model(name=name, **create_kwargs)
related_topics |= self.filter(pk__in=[
for topic in self.bulk_create(topics_to_create)
return related_topics
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