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Kong Benchmark Setup

To reproduce Kong's benchmark please follow these instructions.

Create AWS Instances

Spin up three m3.medium EC2 ubuntu 14.04 instances with public DNS enabled and configure them for high network traffic by increasing these limits:

Added fs.file-max=80000 to /etc/sysctl.conf

Added the following lines to /etc/security/limits.conf

*          soft     nproc          80000
*          hard     nproc          80000
*          soft     nofile         80000
*          hard     nofile         80000

Cassandra Server Setup

SSH into one of your servers to install Cassandra to act as Kong's datastore.

tar xvzf apache-cassandra-2.1.5-bin.tar.gz

Cassandra is now running!

Lwan Server Setup

SSH into another one of the servers to create a high performance hello world API to test against.

apt-get update && apt-get install git cmake zlib1g-dev pkg-config lua5.1-dev libsqlite3-dev libmysql++-dev
git clone git://

Now we can build lwan!

cd lwan
mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release

Now replace lwan/lwan.conf with the following:

keep_alive_timeout = 15
quiet = false
reuse_port = false
expires = 1M 1w
threads = 0

listener *:8080 {
    prefix /hello {
            handler = hello_world

Finally you can start lwan!

cd lwan
nohup ./lwan &

Kong Server Setup

SSH into the last instance and set up Kong for benchmarking against.

sudo apt-get update
dpkg -i kong-0.2.0-2.*.deb
sudo apt-get install -f

Open /etc/kong/kong.yml with your favorite editor (vi or nano work well) and update the databases_available section with your Cassandra host:

# Databases configuration
      hosts: ""

And finally add a route for verification inside the proxy server block:

server {
  listen {{proxy_port}};
  location /robots.txt {
    return 200 'User-agent: *\nDisallow: /';
  # Add this location block for verifying
  location  /mu-f279ec87-3b23663b-25c08e12-b1135ac0  {
    return 200 '42';

Now kong start should connect to Cassandra and run it's migrations. Now let's add the API, make sure to replace the target URL with the public DNS of your API server.

curl -i -X POST \
 --url http://localhost:8001/apis/ \
 --data 'name=mockbin' \
 --data '' \
 --data 'public_dns=test.api'

Should return a 201 created. Verify it's working by making a request through Kong:

curl -H "host:test.api" localhost:8000

Which should return hello world!

We used to produce the load test and generate pretty charts. Sign up at and add your Kong public DNS to verify. Create a test going from 1 to 2000 connections and add host: test.api using --header select option under advanced options.

Run the test! Feel free to report back here with the results :D


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@molnarp molnarp commented Apr 19, 2017

As it is, this is just a measurement with nothing to compare against. Is there a baseline without Kong?


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@molnarp molnarp commented Apr 19, 2017

Here it is: Kong/kong#2303


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@mwaaas mwaaas commented Oct 14, 2017 is shutting down. Should come with new reproduce instructions.


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@humbleProgram humbleProgram commented Feb 14, 2018

second this. is shutting down and we may need a new way to reproduce the benchmark test.

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