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// Working fully self-contained getting-started example for Suave Web Server scripting
// Note you don't need to have _anything_ installed before starting with this script. Nothing
// but F# Interactive and this script.
// This script fetches the Paket.exe component which is referenced later in the script.
// Initially the #r "paket.exe" reference is shown as unresolved. Once it has been
// downloaded by the user (by executing the first part of the script) the reference
// shows as resolved and can be used.
// Paket is then used to fetch a set of F# packages, which are then used later inn the script.
// Step 0. Boilerplate to get the paket.exe tool
open System
open System.IO
Environment.CurrentDirectory <- __SOURCE_DIRECTORY__
if not (File.Exists "paket.exe") then
let url = ""
use wc = new Net.WebClient() in let tmp = Path.GetTempFileName() in wc.DownloadFile(url, tmp); File.Move(tmp,Path.GetFileName url)
// Step 1. Resolve and install the packages
#r "paket.exe"
Paket.Dependencies.Install """
nuget Suave 0.16.0
nuget FSharp.Data
nuget FSharp.Charting
// Step 2. Use the packages
#r "packages/Suave/lib/Suave.dll"
#r "packages/FSharp.Data/lib/net40/FSharp.Data.dll"
#r "packages/FSharp.Charting/lib/net40/FSharp.Charting.dll"
let ctxt = FSharp.Data.WorldBankData.GetDataContext()
let data = ctxt.Countries.Algeria.Indicators.``GDP (current US$)``
open Suave // always open suave
open Suave.Http.Successful // for OK-result
open Suave.Web // for config
web_server default_config (OK (sprintf "Hello World! In 2010 Algeria earned %f " data.[2010]))
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