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Last active Sep 15, 2017
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Graphviz representation of masterflow git branching strategy -
digraph masterflow {
node[width=0.2, height=0.2, shape=egg, fontsize=8.0, fillcolor=green, style=filled];
edge[weight=2, arrowhead=vee, arrowsize=.5];
// Master
"m1"[group="master", label="master",];
"m2"[group="master", label="master", xlabel="Tag: r2.0.0"];
"m3"[group="master", label="master", xlabel="Tag: r2.1.0"];
"m4"[group="master", label="master"];
"m5"[group="master", label="master"];
"m6"[group="master", label="master"];
"m7"[group="master", label="master"];
"m8"[group="master", label="master"];
"m9"[group="master", label="master", xlabel="Tag: r3.0.0"];
"m10"[group="master", label="HEAD"];
// Features
"f1"[group="f1", label="feature/1", fillcolor=orange];
"f2"[group="f2", label="feature/2", fillcolor=orange];
"f4"[group="f4", label="feature/4", fillcolor=orange];
"f3"[group="f3", label="feature/3", fillcolor=orange];
"f5"[group="f5", label="feature/5", fillcolor=orange];
// Hotfixes
"h1"[group="h1", label="hotfix/bug1", xlabel="Tag: r2.1.1", fillcolor=yellow];
"h2"[group="h2", label="hotfix/bug2", xlabel="Tag: r2.1.2", fillcolor=yellow];
// Ordering
"m1" -> "m2";
"m2" -> "m3";
"m3" -> "m4";
"m3" -> "f3";
"f3" -> "m6";
"m4" -> "m5";
"m5" -> "m6";
"m6" -> "m7";
"m7" -> "m8";
"m8" -> "m9";
"m9" -> "m10";
"m2" -> "f1";
"f1" -> "m3";
"m3" -> "f2";
"f2" -> "m4";
"m6" -> "f4";
"f4" -> "m7";
"m3" -> "h1";
"h1" -> "m5";
"h1" -> "h2";
"h2" -> "m8";
"m8" -> "f5";
"f5" -> "m9";
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