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@mooware mooware/cdb-show-dump.cmd
Last active Sep 5, 2016

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print lots of windows minidump information with CDB
@echo off
:: used cdb commands:
:: !sym noisy -> prints verbose output when searching PDBs
:: .symopt+0x40 -> accept mismatching PDBs
:: .lines -e -> enable source file and line information
:: .kframes 100 -> set max number of display stack frames to 0x100
:: lmv -> list all loaded modules with version information
:: | -> show process status
:: !peb -> show process environment block (command line arguments, environment variables)
:: !analyze -vp -> analyze and display exception information
:: .ecxr;kp -> if there is an exception, print the callstack
:: !uniqstack -vp -> print callstacks of all threads
:: !gle -all -> GetLastError() and NT STATUS of all threads
:: q -> quit
set SYMCACHE=D:\SymbolCache
cdb -i %BINPATH% -y ".;cache*%SYMCACHE%;SRV*" -c "!sym noisy;.symopt+0x40;.lines -e;.kframes 100;.echo ***** module info *****;lmv;.echo ***** process info *****;|;!peb;!analyze -vp;.ecxr;kp;!uniqstack -vp;!gle -all;q" -z %1
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