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SignalR C++ Client

  • Ship the package for Visual Studio 2015 (at the moment there is only a package for Visual Studio 2013) - this is ready (version?)
  • Announce availability of an (experimental) version for Linux

Cool, but why not have this as an issue in the Repo instead of an unlinked Gist that nobody will find? For example, the NodeJs team does that: nodejs/node#3397

miksh7 commented Apr 1, 2016

You twitted:
SignalR ‏@SignalR · 14 Dec 2015
Work on the upcoming servicing release is almost complete

What's preventing to release it? It's April 2016 now.

It has been a while. But, it seems that the Dev branch has been active, since 12/15/2015, and it does seem that the effort is still going. I think if there is a bug-fix or enhancement that you're looking for, then you may have to consider doing a build of the latest dev branch and going about it on your own, to see if it solves any problems, as opposed to waiting longer for a (NuGet package) release of 2.2.1, or whatever version that the point release will be. It would be nice to get an official update/status from the SignalR team, but they are also entrenched in the v3.0 effort, too, so....they must be really busy.

nukuuk commented May 3, 2016

Any updates on a client side version of SignalR decoupled from Jquery?

moozzyk commented Jul 8, 2016

Disclaimer: I don't receive notifications for comments on this gist (and I am not sure if people who commented receive notifications either).

@cstlaurent: This gist was just to propose what to take and I used to track my progress. Issues that were taken/fixed are assigned to a milestone in github - you can see it here:

@miksh: We had to put it on hold to ship ASP.NET Core 1.0

@Bertrand-Jenkins - we are back to getting 2.2.1 out the door

@nukuuk - this is not part of this servicing release, sorry. But it is one of the things we want to focus on the most.

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