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$ ./k
2020.02.25 (c) shakti
$k a.k
Verb Adverb Noun Type System
: set ' each char " a" c \l a.k
+ plus flip / over/right i enc name ``ab n *\d [d]
- minus negate \ scan/left i dec int 0N 0 2 i \v [d]
* times first ': eachprior i bar float 0n 2e3 0w f \w [x]
% divide /: [n]f-loop i div time mdhrstuv \t:n x
& min where \: [n]f-loop i mod date MDHRSTUV \u:n x
| max reverse
< less up I/O Class *\f *.k
> more down 0: readwrite line atom a-z \fb byte
= equal group 1: readwrite char list (2;3.4;`c) A-Z \fl line
~ match not 2: write data dict [a:2;b:`c] ?? \fw word
! key enum func {(+/x)%#x} . \cd dir
, cat enlist expr :32+1.8*x :
^ cut asc
$ cast string $[c;t;f] cond
# take count #[t;c;b[;a]] select table [[]a:`b`c] A
_ drop floor *_[t;c;b[;a]] update Ntable N! [[]...] NA
? find unique *?[x;i;f[;y]] splice Atable [[a:..]b:] AA
@ at type @[x;i;f[;y]] amend
. apply value .[x;i;f[;y]] dmend \\ exit
count first last min max sum avg; in bin within
select A by B from T where C; delete from T where C
/comment \display [dict] :expr (leading space)
time/cuanto: 2m 2d 2h.. 12:34:56.123456789 e.g. 2m+.z.D / .z[tuv]
date/cuando: 2024.01.01T12:34:56.123456789 e.g. 7\:.z.D / .z[TUV]
json: `j?"[2.3,\"abc\",inf,nan,true,false,null]"
csv: `csv?"2.3,\"abc\",inf,nan,2,ab,2024-01-01"
limit: {[param8]local8 global32 const128 jump256}
error: value class rank type domain length limit
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