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Helpful utility for converting postgis data into GeoJSON as it comes out of the db, and vice versa.
var wkx = require('wkx')
var pg = require('pg')
var pgUtil = require('pg/lib/utils')
const geoParser = {
// 1. Convert postgis data coming out of the db into geoJSON
// Every postgres installation will have different oids for postgis geo types.
.raw('SELECT oid, typname AS name FROM pg_type WHERE typname IN (\'geography\', \'geometry\');')
.then(({rows}) => {
if (!rows || !rows.length){
// TODO: this is currently fatal - should it be graceful?
throw new Error('postgis not installed')
rows.forEach(({oid, name}) =>
pg.types.setTypeParser(oid, (val) => geoParser.postgisToGeoJSON(val))
// 2. Convert geoJSON data going into the database into postgis
// node-postgres recommends overwriting this function for custom handling
const oldPrepare = pgUtil.prepareValue
pgUtil.prepareValue = function(val){
if (val && typeof val === 'object' && val.type && val.coordinates){
// quacks like a geoJSON object
const value = geoParser.geoJSONToPostgis(val)
return value
return, val)
const wkbBuffer = new Buffer(val, 'hex')
const geometry = wkx.Geometry.parse(wkbBuffer)
return geometry.toGeoJSON()
if (typeof val === 'object'){
const parsed = wkx.Geometry.parseGeoJSON(val)
return parsed.toEwkt()
return val
module.exports = geoParser
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