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redux アプリで定期実行処理を書くには / saga
// @flow
import 'babel-polyfill';
import { fork, take, call, put, cancel, cancelled } from 'redux-saga/effects';
import { delay } from 'redux-saga';
import { exec, end } from '../../actions/periodic_inspections/some_check';
import * as ActionTypes from '../../actions/action_types';
// test 用に export
export const intervalMs = Number(APP.INTERVAL_SAMPLE_CHECK);
// test 用に export
export function* worker(): Generator<any, any, any> {
try {
while (true) {
yield put(exec());
yield call(delay, intervalMs);
} finally {
if (yield cancelled()) {
yield put(end());
export function* watchSampleTrigger(): Generator<any, any, any> {
while (yield take(ActionTypes.CHECK_SAMPLE_TRIGGER)) {
const workerTask = yield fork(worker);
yield take([ActionTypes.CHECK_SAMPLE_STOP, ActionTypes.LOGOUT_OK]);
yield cancel(workerTask);
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