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Hacknet Extension Snippets for VSCode
"ExtensionInfo": {
"prefix": "HacknetExtension",
"body": ["<HacknetExtension>"," <!-- Set your language first!"," Current supported list:"," English : en-us"," German : de-de"," French : fr-be"," Russian : ru-ru"," Spanish : es-ar"," Korean : ko-kr"," Japanese : ja-jp"," Chinese, simplified : zh-cn"," -->"," <Language>$1</Language>"," "," <!-- Max name length is 128 characters -->"," <Name>$2</Name>"," <AllowSaves>true</AllowSaves>"," "," <!-- a comma separated list of notes that start out as being visible-->"," <StartingVisibleNodes>$3</StartingVisibleNodes>"," "," <!-- the mission (if any) that loads in as soon as the player starts -->"," <StartingMission>$4</StartingMission>"," "," <!-- Conditional action set that is loaded in as soon as a new session is created"," This is useful to do setup stuff, like giving the player programs, assigning them a faction etc."," If you don't need this, set it to \"NONE\", or just delete the tag.-->"," <StartingActions>$5</StartingActions>"," "," <!-- Description that appears within Hacknet -->"," <Description>$6</Description>"," "," <!-- Factions involved in this extension! You can define as many or as few as you like -->"," <!--<Faction>Factions/ExampleFaction.xml</Faction>-->",""," <StartsWithTutorial>False</StartsWithTutorial>"," "," <!-- this makes the extension start with the standard restart bootup sequence -->"," <HasIntroStartup>true</HasIntroStartup>"," "," <StartingTheme>$7</StartingTheme>"," <!--"," Base Themes are named:"," TerminalOnlyBlack, HacknetBlue, HacknetTeal, HacknetYellow, HackerGreen, HacknetWhite, HacknetPurple, HacknetMint"," -->"," "," <!-- You can reference songs from the original game here, or your own .ogg files by path."," To reference original songs, use their name in the files! You don't need the path, just the filename. This works for any songs in these folders:"," Content/Music"," Content/DLC/Music"," "," To Play your own songs, use the path to that song in your extension."," For example, try changing the song name below to \"Music/Chemical_Burns.ogg\" - it'll start with that instead for new saves! -->"," <IntroStartupSong>The_Quickening</IntroStartupSong>"," "," <!-- Extension Sequencer guideline fields."," When ExtensionSequencer.exe is run, it will only be able to activate if the player has the flag defined in"," SequencerFlagRequiredForStart. If run, it will load in the conditional action file in ActionsToRunOnSequencerStart."," After SequencerSpinUpTime seconds have passed, the player will automatically discover and be connected to the"," computer SequencerTargetID. The action defined here runs as soon as the button is pressed, not once it's finished spinning up!"," This is so you can do setup stuff while it loads, and if you want, start your transitions etc a half second early, or whatever."," Remember to delay any relevant actions in the set specified by the song intro you define!"," In this case, I'm having the theme switch etc delayed by 10.5 seconds to account for the sequencer spinup time.-->"," <SequencerTargetID>advExamplePC</SequencerTargetID>"," <SequencerSpinUpTime>10.5</SequencerSpinUpTime>"," <SequencerFlagRequiredForStart>testFlag</SequencerFlagRequiredForStart>"," <ActionsToRunOnSequencerStart>Actions/ThemeSwapActions.xml</ActionsToRunOnSequencerStart>"," "," "," <!-- Steam workshop fields -->"," <!--"," public string WorkshopDescription;"," public string WorkshopLanguage;"," public byte WorhsopVisibility = 2;"," public string WorkshopTags;"," public string WorkshopPreviewImagePath;"," -->"," <WorkshopDescription>This is the description of the extension that will appear in Steam Workshop and any other mod platforms this gets ported to. Max 8000 characters.","You can use newlines in this as normal etc.</WorkshopDescription>"," "," <!-- Language that this is set to. -->"," <WorkshopLanguage>English</WorkshopLanguage>"," "," <!-- Sets the visibility of this item on the workshop."," 0 = public"," 1 = friends only"," 2 = private (self only)-->"," <WorkshopVisibility>2</WorkshopVisibility>"," "," <!-- Comma separated list of tags that this should be listed under in the workshop. This is not currently used, as the only category"," of workshop item in Hacknet is \"Extension\", so leave this as-is for now.-->"," <WorkshopTags>Extension</WorkshopTags>"," "," <!-- Path to the preview image used on the steam workshop for your extension."," This must be within your mod folder, be 1x1 (Square) aspect ratio and less than 1MB in size."," I recommend the highest resolution you can provide that fits that criteria,"," though steam will likely use a version less than 512x512 in size, and will auto resize it for you."," "," This can be different to the provided Logo.png if you want, as this will not be transparently backed on steam."," Supported formats are .png, .jpg and .gif"," -->"," <WorkshopPreviewImagePath>WorkshopLogo.png</WorkshopPreviewImagePath>"," "," <!-- This is the workshop publish ID. The first time your extension is published to Steam, this will be automatically populated with the ID that steam assigns it."," When this happens, make sure that you keep that version of the file and store the ID somewhere - without it, you wont be able to push out updates to your extension,"," and if it's removed, publishing to the workshop will submit it as a new entry, and you'll lose all of your subscribers. Be careful!"," Do not manually modify this unless you already know your Publish ID from a previous submission. A new ID will only be generated if this says \"NONE\"-->"," <WorkshopPublishID>NONE</WorkshopPublishID>"," ","</HacknetExtension>"],
"description": "ExtensionInfo.xml setup"
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