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Installer script for fusee-framboise v1.0.1
#!/bin/bash -e
apt install git python3 python3-pip curl libusb-1.0.0-dev
pip3 install pyusb
if [ -d "/etc/fusee-launcher" ]; then
# nope
echo "Please remove /etc/fusee-launcher"
mkdir -p /etc/fusee-launcher
git clone "" /etc/fusee-launcher/
curl -o /etc/fusee-launcher/fusee.bin ""
touch /etc/systemd/system/fusee-launcher.service
chmod 770 /etc/systemd/system/fusee-launcher.service
cat << EOF > /etc/systemd/system/fusee-launcher.service
Description = Fusee Launcher service of Fusée Framboise
After =
ExecStart = /etc/fusee-launcher/
WantedBy =
systemctl enable fusee-launcher.service
systemctl start fusee-launcher.service
echo "Done!"
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