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const gulp = require('gulp');
const zip = require('gulp-zip');
const lambda = require('node-aws-lambda');
const config = {
region: 'ap-northeast-1',
handler: 'index.handler',
functionName: 'gulp',
role: 'arn:aws:iam::xxxxxxxxxxxx:role/service-role/test-gulp-xxxx', // 再デプロイ時は省略可能
runtime: 'nodejs12.x'
gulp.task('zip', function() {
return gulp.src(['lambda/**/*', '!lambda/package.json', '!lambda/package-lock.json'])
gulp.task('upload',function(callback) {
config.functionName = 'test-' + config.functionName; // 引数渡してプレフィックスつけたい(test-,prod-,...)
lambda.deploy('./', config, callback);
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