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label key command
general.pause space space
general.forward left left
general.backward right right offon
general.F1 F1 F1
general.F2 F2 F2
general.F3 F3 F3
general.F4 F4 F4
general.F5 F5 F5
general.F6 F6 F6
general.F7 F7 F7
general.F8 F8 F8
general.F9 F9 F9
general.F10 F10 F10
general.F11 F11 F11
general.F12 F12 F12
general.AF1 alt.F1 AF1
general.AF2 alt.F2 AF2
general.AF3 alt.F3 AF3
general.AF4 alt.F4 AF4
general.AF5 alt.F5 AF5
general.AF6 alt.F6 AF6
general.AF7 alt.F7 AF7
general.AF8 alt.F8 AF8
general.AF9 alt.F9 AF9
general.AF10 alt.F10 AF10
general.AF11 alt.F11 AF11
general.AF12 alt.F12 AF12
textport.back.history up
textport.forward.history down ctrl.f
textport.language ctrl.l
network.toggle.render r
network.toggle.bypass b
network.toggle.display d ctrl.n
network.jump.down enter
network.dive i
network.jump.up u
network.cancel esc
network.color.palette c
network.edit.expose e
network.frame f
network.frame.selected F
network.home h
network.home.selected H
network.home.current 000
network.scroll.down ctrl.down
network.scroll.up ctrl.up
network.scroll.right ctrl.right
network.scroll.left ctrl.left ctrl.=
network.zoom.minus ctrl.-
network.layout L
network.layout.all 000 G ctrl.g n
network.component.time 000
network.load.tox X
network.overview o
network.parameters p s x
network.mode T
network.expose.all ctrl.a
network.copy ctrl.c
network.paste ctrl.v
network.paste.mouse ctrl.shift.v
network.cut ctrl.x
network.delete del
network.delete2 backspace
network.find ctrl.f
network.browser ctrl.b alt.s alt.1
network.switchto.panel alt.2
network.switchto.geoview alt.3
network.switchto.topview alt.4
network.switchto.chopview alt.5
network.switchto.keyframer alt.6
network.switchto.parm alt.7
network.switchto.geoss alt.8
network.switchto.textport alt.9
network.pane.clone alt.shift.c
network.pane.splitlr alt.[
network.pane.splittb alt.]
network.pane.fullscreen alt.`
network.pane.close alt.z
network.pane.linkplus alt.+
network.pane.linkminus alt.-
network.list.down j
network.list.up k
network.list.right .
network.list.left , tab
network.add.operator tab
network.add.operator.null alt.n
network.edit.prefs alt.p
network.license.manager alt.k
network.winplacement alt.w ctrl.p
network.explorer alt.f
network.console alt.c ctrl.m
network.midimapper alt.d
network.beat 000 shift.v alt.shift.v
network.align.area.keepsize 000
network.align.area.resize 000
network.cascade.area.keepsize 000
network.layout.all.pack 000
network.reset.tile.sizes 000
network.normalize.tile.sizes 000
network.import.file ctrl.i
network.snap.grid.selection 000
network.snap.grid.all 000
network.activate.viewers a
network.activatealways.viewers shift.a
network.palette.browse alt.l 000
network.history.back alt.left
network.history.forward alt.right
network.dat.edit ctrl.e ctrl.r
dat.home ctrl.h
dat.home.preferred ctrl.g G a +
group.minus -
group.equals =
app.operator.browse alt.o
app.groups alt.g alt.h
app.load ctrl.o
app.macros alt.m
app.bookmarks alt.b
app.quit ctrl.q ctrl.s
app.saveas ctrl.shift.s
app.textport alt.t
app.variables alt.v
app.performance alt.y
app.undo ctrl.z
app.redo ctrl.y
chopviewer.home h
chopviewer.hadapt H
chopviewer.vadapt V
chopviewer.timebar t
chopviewer.timescroll c
chopviewer.labels l
chopviewer.extend x
chopviewer.dots d
chopviewer.handles n
chopviewer.grid g
chopviewer.units u
chopviewer.editmenu e
chopviewer.scopemenu s
chopviewer.precise p
timeslice.reset.minmax r
timeslice.home h
timeslice.precise p
keyframer.home h
keyframer.home.selected H
keyframer.home.horizontal F
keyframer.home.vertical V
keyframer.longnames n
keyframer.scalehandle e
keyframer.toggle.selected.ties t
keyframer.delete.selected.key del
keyframer.copy.selected.key ctrl.c
keyframer.paste.selected.key ctrl.v ctrl.right
keyframer.timeline.prev.key ctrl.left
keyframer.add.closest alt.LMB
keyframer.add.selected alt.MMB
keyframer.add.all alt.RMB
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