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Forked from jjasghar/secret.rb
Created Jan 3, 2020
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Example Chef extension to extract secrets from HashiCorp's Vault
# Please see the following blog post for more information:
resource_name :vault_secret
property :path, String, name_property: true
property :destination, String
action :read do
destination ||= path
lease_id = node[destination]
# Attempt to renew the lease.
# If the renew succeeded, do not fire notifications because the secret is
# already persisted on the notified resource(s).
# Done
rescue Vault::HTTPClientError => e
# Renewal failed - this could mean that the lease has been manually
# revoked or we did not renew in time. In any case, we will log a message
# and attempt to read a new secret.
Chef::Log.warn("Failed to renew `#{lease_id}', attempting a fresh read")
end if lease_id
# Attempt to read the secret. If this fails, an error is raised.
secret =
if secret.nil?
raise "Could not read secret `#{path}'!"
# If the secret is renewable, save the lease_id so we can renew it later.
if secret.renewable?
node.set[destination] = secret.lease_id
# Persist the secret in-memory for the rest of this Chef run.
node.run_state[destination] = secret
# Tell notifications to fire.
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