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All tests on STM32F4 @168MHz, with Kingston class 6 8GB SD. All times in micro seconds [us]. The "memory" statistic (where present) is delta of samples taken with luaGetMemUsed() before and after iteration/test (with no GC done in between).

The Lua environment was reloaded between each iteration (except for the tLdScr.lua test which is all one run).

NOTE: The times listed here are really only relevant in comparison to other tests run on the same system. They will vary greatly based on system load, SD card speed/integrity, and other factors. The percentage of change is the most relevant statistic here. The benchmarks were run under "ideal" conditions, using a high-priority thread, to ensure consistent results.

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#include <QtTest/QtTest>
#include <QStringBuilder>
class bm_stringBuilder : public QObject
bm_stringBuilder() {}
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