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A Continuous Packaging Pipeline: The Materials

A Continuous Packaging Pipeline

A list of tools mentioned in my Ignite talk from Devopsdays Rome 2012 on a continuous packaging pipeline, with links and short description for each tool.

The talk slides are at; a longer blog post will be written soon.


Available at or with gem install vendorificator

Include third party modules in your git repo, using pristine branches to sanely maintain local changes, upgrades, and merges.


Ruby build tool, a sane "programmable Make". Metarake and Evoker are extensions for Rake


  1. Discover child projects and their targets
  2. Check which targets are not published.
  3. Build unpublished targets
  4. Publish built targets


Download, patch, preprocess upstream sources without keeping them in the repository. Can also cache to avoid repeated long downloads.


Effing Package Managers. Command line util that just make the package (deb, rpm, ...) out of what I give it, without going through all of the distribution's packaging toolchain.


Publishes .deb packages as an apt-get repository. Simple to use and configure alternative to Debian's reprepro tool.

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