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Created Jul 4, 2022 — forked from rizalgowandy/
Programming media keys on the Ducky One 2 Skyline

Programming Media Keys on the Ducky One 2

To use media keys on the Ducky One 2, you must record a macro to bind the media function to a hotkey combination, i.e. Fn plus some key.


Important: In the instructions below, "Press X+Y+Z" means press and hold key X, press and hold key Y, press and hold key Z in that order, and then release all three.

As an example, to bind Fn+PgUp to the play/pause media function:

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Created Feb 23, 2021
jvisualvm with logging
bin/jvisualvm --jdkhome /home/mping/.asdf/installs/java/adopt-openjdk-11.0.1+13 --openjmx localhost:10101
❯ cat /home/mping/Devel/visualvm_204/
View either.clj
(require '[clojure.spec.alpha :as s])
(s/def ::test (s/and (s/keys :req-un [(or ::key1 ::key2)])
(fn [{:keys [key1 key2]}]
(not (and key1 key2)))))
;; s/or validates some of the keys
;; the (fn..) ensures that both keys CANNOT be present
View lazy_channel.clj
(require '[clojure.core.async :as a])
(defn pull-seq
"Returns a (blocking!) lazy sequence read from a channel."
(a/>!! c :ready)
(when-let [v (a/<!! c)]
(cons v (pull-seq c)))))
mping / sliding_window.clj
Created Nov 19, 2020
Sliding window example
View sliding_window.clj
(defn- new-window [counter prev ts]
(assoc counter :curr 0 :prev prev :last-ts ts))
(defn- increase-count [counter val ts]
(assoc counter :curr val :last-ts ts))
(defn- inc! [counter]
(swap! counter
(fn [{:keys [prev curr last-ts window-ms window-allow] :as atm}]
mping / defmulti.clj
Last active May 25, 2020
Clojure hierarchy with multimethods
View defmulti.clj
(defn dispatch-fn [o]
(println (vals (select-keys o [:type :entity])))
[(or (get o :type) ::any)
(or (get o :entity) ::any)])
(def hiera (atom (-> (make-hierarchy)
(derive :string ::any)
(derive :object ::any))))

Kubernetes the Exoscale way


  • exo CLI
  • cs
  • jq

Creating the infrastructure

Private network

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Last active Feb 14, 2020
Markdown columns side by side

Document Title

The usual Markdown Cheatsheet does not cover some of the more advanced Markdown tricks, but here is one. You can include verbatim HTML in your Markdown document. This is particularly useful for tables. Check this out:

Version 1Version 2
mping / test.js
Last active May 13, 2019
geojson > svg through d3
View test.js
const json = {
"routes": [{
"legs": [{
"summary": "Avenida Infante Dom Henrique, Autoestrada do Norte",
"weight": 11481.1,
"duration": 10976.2,
"steps": [{
"intersections": [{
"out": 0,
"entry": [true],