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<div class="<%= container_css() %> py-10">
<div class="md:grid md:grid-cols-3 md:gap-6">
<div class="md:col-span-1">
<div class="px-4 sm:px-0">
<h3 class="text-lg font-medium leading-6 text-gray-900">Change your name</h3>
<div class="mt-5 md:mt-0 md:col-span-2">
<%= form_for @name_changeset, Routes.user_settings_path(@conn, :update_name), fn f -> %>
<div class="shadow sm:rounded-md sm:overflow-hidden">
<div class="px-4 py-5 bg-white sm:p-6">
<div class="mb-5">
<%= render AppWeb.FormView, "_text_input.html", [form: f, field: :name] %>
<div class="text-sm text-gray-500">Your name currently is:
<pre><%= %></b></pre>
<div class="px-4 py-3 text-right bg-gray-50 sm:px-6">
<span class="inline-flex rounded-md shadow-sm">
<button type="submit"
class="inline-flex justify-center px-4 py-2 text-sm font-medium leading-5 text-white transition duration-150 ease-in-out bg-indigo-600 border border-transparent rounded-md hover:bg-indigo-500 focus:outline-none focus:border-indigo-700 focus:shadow-outline-indigo active:bg-indigo-700">
<% end %>
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