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Product Changes
// End of product changes process
ProductCatalogueProductChangeCompletion completion = ^(NSArray <WDAcceptProductCatalogueProduct *>*_Nullable updatedProducts,
NSArray <NSString *>*_Nullable deletedProducts, NSError* _Nullable error) {
//updatedProducts contains the details of all products that were updated
//deletedProducts contains the product IDs of deleted products - these are no longer available for sale
//The simplest search will just yield all reasults for the
WDAcceptProductsQuery *query = [WDAcceptProductsQuery new];//The simplest search will just yield all reasults for the product catalogue
query.productCatalogueId = @"My Product Catalogue"; // Your product catalogue Id
query.dateToLookForChanges = [NSDate date];// The date since when to get the changes = the date when the client last received the inventory data
//retrieve product changes
[sdk.inventoryManager productsChanges:query // Query products changes
completion:completion]; // Product changes process end
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