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LineRate snippet: Forward Proxy HTTP redirect
* Description:
* HTTP redirection in a forward-proxy context. A forward-proxy is useful for filter
* connections particularly outbound to the internet for clients sitting behind a
* firewall for example. In this example below, any user HTTP request from clients
* results in a redirection to the specified site (in this case a bland site).
* More sophistication can be added like a login page for authenticating outbound/internet
* access and other enterprise policy enforcement.
"use strict";
var fpm = require('lrs/forwardProxyModule');
var redirectHost = '';
// Handler for client requests - this pulls out the host field value
function onClientReq(servReq, servResp, next) {
// extract the full URL request from the header
var requestedHost = || '';
/* Test if the URL request matches the redirection.
* Forward the request along on such a match thereby preventing
* a redirect loop.
if(requestedHost == redirectHost) {
else {
servResp.setHeader('Content-Type', 'text/html');
servResp.writeHead(301, {'Location' : 'http://' + redirectHost, 'Server' : 'LineRate'});
var onExists = function(fp) {
fp.on('request', onClientReq);
fpm.on('exist', 'fp1', onExists);
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