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catching memory corruption
static Handle<Value> Stat(const Arguments& args) {
HandleScope scope;
if (args.Length() < 1 || !args[0]->IsString()) {
String::Utf8Value path(args[0]->ToString());
if (args[1]->IsFunction()) {
ASYNC_CALL(stat, args[1], *path)
} else {
printf("isolate_ before call to uv: %p\n", *((void**)&scope));
SYNC_CALL(stat, *path, *path)
printf("isolate_ after call to uv: %p\n", *((void**)&scope));
return scope.Close(BuildStatsObject((NODE_STAT_STRUCT*)SYNC_REQ.ptr));

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commented Nov 9, 2011

isolate_ before call to uv: 0x101026800
isolate_ after call to uv: 0x0

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