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@mraleph mraleph/gist:961280

Created May 8, 2011
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diff --git a/matmul/matmul_v1.js b/matmul/matmul_v1.js
index 2c568f5..8a921e5 100644
--- a/matmul/matmul_v1.js
+++ b/matmul/matmul_v1.js
@@ -37,8 +37,8 @@ function matgen(n) {
return a;
-var n = 100;
-if (arguments[0]) n = parseInt(arguments[0]);
+// shell does not support commandline arguments so just hardcode problem size
+var n = 1000;
var a = matgen(n);
var b = matgen(n);
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