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My blogs


Several of these blogs I wrote for F# StackOverflow Documention as a summer activity


The human readable content (ie prose) in my gists are licensed under cc by-sa 3.0 with attribution required (same as StackOverflow). The computer readable content (ie code) in my gists are licensed under Apache License version 2.0.

June, 2017

  1. The Computer Language Benchmarks Game - Mandelbrot

Mars, 2017

  1. Railway Oriented Programming and F# Result

December, 2016

  1. On the topic of data locality and performance
  2. On the cost of being lazy
  3. Performance comparison of different data pipelines in .NET
  4. Implementing a persistent hash map (F# Advent Blog)

October, 2016

  1. Optimizing a simple problem in F# and C++

August, 2016

  1. Monadic JSON Transformers in F#
  2. Comparison of different data pipelines in F#
  3. Latebinding in F# using ? operator

July, 2016

  1. Compose functions using operators in F#
  2. Option Module enables Railway Oriented Programming in F#
  3. Use Option<'T> over null values in F#
  4. Measure and Verify your performance assumptions
  5. F# Types
  6. F# Static Reflection
  7. Parameter validation using F# Active Patterns
  8. F# Data-Driven Programming
  9. F# Computation Expressions are syntactic sugar for Monads
  10. Iterate efficiently in F# using tail-recursion
  11. Practice Monads to understand them (F#)

May, 2016

  1. Why F#

"Cute" Stuff

Small snippets of code I have written which I think are of some interest

  1. Cute "1+3*2" F# parser
  2. ADT for C# using T4
  3. Open F# Push Pipeline
  4. Monadic "1+3*2" F# parser
  5. F# WPF Formlets
  6. Non-polymorphic lenses in F#
  7. Monadic F# Trampolines
  8. RedBlack Tree in F# with FsCheck
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